F U E L 

Penn 80 provides a comprehensive fuel system with 16 fuel bays to provide large trucking fleets with the diesel they need, while an adjacent Shell station gives motorcyclists and drivers a place to fill up. Anybody can find what they need at Penn 80.


Given Penn 80’s historical past and unique fuel infrastructure, it’s no surprise that Penn 80 has been designed to satisfy the individual trucker – and the giant fleet that follows him/her. A 16 bay one-of-a kind fuel canopy that is conveniently split into a North and South Wing, allows even the largest fleets to fill up simultaneously, allowing more time for the road and less time waiting in line. For information on commercial fuel management and competitive pricing please see Fleet Management. 

O T O R I S T S 

With prime location on Interstate 80 and Route 254 and a close proximity to Milton, Lewisburg, and several academic institutions, Penn 80 has been the preferred travel and fuel stop for thousands of drivers. Given Penn 80’s size and community outreach we are able to offer services and products that our competitors cannot. 
How can Penn 80 help the everyday driver?   

-  State of the art Shell fuel pumps
- Two Extensive Convenience Stores
-  Car Supplies
-  Subway Sandwiches
-  New Restaurant: Penn 80 Grill
-  24 Hour Food Services
-  Game Room
-  Two Movie Rooms
-  Gift Shop
-  Repair Services 

F L E E T   M A N A G E M E N T

Penn 80’s size and unique structure make it a formidable headquarters for fueling any commercial truck or trucking company. We offer competitive fuel pricing to any trucking and shipping company whether it has thousands of trucks, or just a handful – we can and will adjust to any size fleet. For further information on acquiring fuel contracts with Penn 80, please send questions to contactus@penn80milton.com